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Council Support Services

Manages the decision making process of Council and it’s Committees by ensuring the provision of an effective and efficient secretariat service in order to contribute to the Municipality achieving its responsibilities of delivering free basic services, building sustainable human settlements and viable communities, improving all public services, building infrastructure, creating job opportunities and fighting poverty.


    • Facilitates the efficient functioning of Council meetings by facilitating the following activities and resource provisions for Council Support staff:
    • Timeous reminders for meetings provided to secretaries/top management and details regarding deadline submissions of items by sending e-mails to management, to ensure items are prepared for Agendas to be circulated in time.
    • Ensuring that venues are booked timeously and ensuring that service providers are contacted about catering.
    • Provision of recording equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and that there are sufficient cassettes available.
    • Ensuring that minutes of previous meetings for Council Committees are distributed and that Councillors and officials received copies of same.
    • Overseeing the compilation of the Agenda to Council, top management and broad management meetings thus ensuring that they are well prepared for their meetings.


    • Proof reads reports/items received from various departments for grammatical and spelling errors, to ensure that the correct information is distributed to Councillors.
    • Ensures that standardized report writing format is used for all reports submitted for release.
    • Ensures that agendas and minutes are timeously distributed to all Councillors and officials before or within the agreed timeframes, to ensure smooth operation of the section.


    • E-mails/writes memos to authors of reports, reminding them about amendments that need to be made and ensuring that such reports are amended before proceeding to the relevant Committees.
    • Forwards all items to relevant Committees Agendas in order to ensure that correct reports are submitted to Committees.


    • Checking and returning typed documents to initiator for checking, ensuring that the items or reports are correctly phrased.
    • Correcting errors on returned typed documents, to ensure right information on minutes
    • Updating Resolutions as per minutes of Mayoral and Council Meetings, ensuring that the Resolution register is correct and updated
    • Compiling of Agendas and minutes of the Top Management, Standing Committees, Mayoral and Council meetings
    • Ensuring the timely distribution of documents, for smooth operation of   the Unit.


    • Ensure that the agendas are delivered to Councillors at least 7 days before the meeting unless decided otherwise
    • Keep a register of all resolutions adopted by Council
    • Submit a report on the implementation of council resolutions at every meeting of council.  


    • Manage and administering all Council Printing Works
    • Controlling variable data, colour, duplicating and litho high volume printing
    • Manage the delivery of Council’s agendas and other documents
    • Ensure binding of Council’s documentation
    • Ensure that mail (Internally and Externally) are delivered as speedily as possible
    • Compilation of weekly reports in terms of the use of the Corporate Services vehicle.
    • Managed the services of the vehicle timeously.
    • Managed the kilometre readings of the vehicle on a daily basis
    • Manage and Ensure that a logbook regarding the use of the vehicle be completed on a daily basis.
    • Ensure the safeguard of the vehicle after working hours. 


    • Manage the translation of Council’s agendas, policies, memorandums, reports and all other relevant notices.
    • Ensure that translation services are executed during Council Meetings, Portfolio Meetings, Executive Mayoral Meeting and ceremonial function.
    • Ensure the successful implementation of Council’s language policy by liaising and communicating with other municipality regarding language issues.
    • Ensure that all municipal correspondence are in a manner understandable for officials. 
    • Manage the practice of the three language used to ensure the functional use of language such as English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.