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Administrator gets full Executive Powers over Oudtshoorn Municipality
Friday, 02 October 2015 07:44

odn admin smallOudtshoorn, 01 October 2015 – The administrator, Mr. Kam Chetty who was appointed to intervene in the Oudtshoorn Municipality in terms of Section 139(1)(b) of the constitution has on Thursday, 1 October 2015 officially informed councillors and administration about his new executive authority over the Council.

Addressing the councillors in a meeting he called as Administrator, Mr. Chetty said: “We have no Executive Mayor, Executive Deputy Mayor and or Speaker – all councillors are equal. I shall exercise and perform all the executive functions of the Municipal Council.”

All councillors shall retain their membership to the Municipal Council and their salaries as part-time councillors.

“All Accounting Officer responsibilities shall vest in the Administrator until such time that an Acting Municipal Manager is appointed after consultation with the National and the Provincial Ministers.” This comes after the Western Cape Provincial Government notified the Oudtshoorn Municipality about the amendment made to the intervention which became effective on 28 September 2015.

“This means that Mr. Ronnie Lottering who has been acting as municipal manager for the past two years has now been moved to his original post of director of Community Services. Mr. Francois Human the acting Chief Financial Officer goes back to his post as director for Corporate Services while Mr. Gavin Juthe, the acting director for community services has resigned taking a retirement,” he added.

Mr. Chetty has also announced an appointment of Mr. Chris Koch as acting director for Technical Services directorate. The intervention process will continue until end of January 2016 at the end of the 6 months period of the instituting of the administration process. The Provincial and National government may extend the duration of the intervention should a need arise.

Matters regarding legal delegations have also moved to the administrator. “No one can make a decision on appointment of lawyers and any other legal matters on behalf of the Council this also includes human resources related matters. Effectively from Monday, 28 September all HR decisions be looked at and be reviewed.

Mr. Chetty assured the councillors that the wards and ward committees will function as normal. He said Public participation must still carryon regardless the administration process. An executive management team will in the absence of the portfolio committees discuss items that would have been discussed by portfolio committees.

Mr. Chetty also held meetings with all line managers and all municipal officials. Councillors welcomed the amended intervention.