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Municipality to Embark on an Indigent Registration Campaign
Saturday, 11 September 2010 04:12

Cllr Carmichael NgaloThe Executive Mayoral Committee has resolved that another indigent households’ registration campaign be embarked upon and that a much friendlier atmosphere in the municipal client service section be created signalling a step forward towards prioritising for the poor and improved quality service delivery for the residents of the greater Oudtshoorn.

These resolutions were taken in a special Executive Mayoral Committee Meeting held on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 in the Council Chamber, which sought to address number of  issues including among others Indigent registration campaign, approval of IDP process plan,  electrification of informal settlements, Clean up campaign within the greater Oudtshoorn Municipality precincts.


On August 31, there were 4388 registered indigents - households whose monthly income is less than R 3000. According to the 2007 statistics issued by Stats SA in 2007, the majority of households in Oudtshoorn fall within the lower income categories of R 1-R400, R 401-R800 and R801-R1600 and accounted for 14.7 %, 5.6% and 20.1% of all households in 2001 respectively. This means that the current registered indigents are not a true reflection of the indigent household in the greater Oudtshoorn.

“This indigent registration campaign must attract as many impoverished people as possible - services of Community Development Workers can also be utilised with the assistance of the ward councillors – and if needs be, additional personnel may be appointed to help with the campaign,” said the Acting Executive Mayor, Cllr Carmichael Ngalo, summarising the decision taken by the Executive Mayoral Committee.

The Executive Mayoral Committee has furthermore instructed that the water meters that were removed as a result of non payment by be put back. This was in response to information received that water meters of some residents were removed as a result of municipal services debt owed to the municipality.

“The immediate reconnection of relevant water meters must be effected and a friendly client service environment must also be created for people to come and register their concerns and problems,” added the Cllr Ngalo.

The municipal manager Rev. Noel Pietersen confirmed that the water meters will be replace: “We have realised that we have violated basic socio-human right – we will ensure that all residents whose water meters have been removed will be put back to correct the fault we have made.”

Additionally, the Executive Mayoral Committee has tasked the Finance directorate to re-establish what was termed the Masakhane programme whereby an internal debt collection system will be implemented to enhance debt recovery process summarily referring applicable rate payers to a legal process.